Azahera - Tripoli - Lipya - Baking center

Baking center

Baking Center, the first center in Libya for training on confectionery and Baking industries: Discover delicious baking recipes...

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Azahera - Tripoli - Lipya - News


The latest Food & Beverage Importers and Distributors of Libya... Discover our latest news, new imported product.

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Azahera - Tripoli - Lipya - Explore our products

Explore our products

Explore the whole food product range of Azahera: Margarine, Cake, Ice Cream, Chips-Up, Cheese, Alpine, Plain Halwa, Mousse...

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Azahera - Tripoli - Lipya - Special Offer

Special Offer

Find best product and our latest promo fares and exclusive deals for you... Check out our promotions and best fares.

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